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Last updated - January 3, 2022

Venture Capital

Over 500,000 results

Data Breach Over 700,000 results

Oculus VR Over 100,000 results

International Space Station Over 475,000 results

Ridesharing Over 220,000 results

Drone Delivery Over 100,000 results

Doctor Doom Over 120,000 results

Lloyd's of London Over 200,000 results

Non-fungible Token Over 70,000 results

Net Neutrality Over 460,000 results

Metaverse Over 143,000 results

Quantum Computing Over 290,000 results

Electric Car Over 160,000 results

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Over 25,000 results

Student Debt Over 430,000 results

The Godfather Over 120,000 results

Planet of the Apes Over 385,000 results

Virtual Reality Over 430,000 results

Medical Debt Over 60,000 results

Distance Education Over 350,000 results

Ransomware Over 92,000 results

GameStop Short Squeeze Over 235,000 results

Hedge Fund Over 690,000 results

Campaign Finance Over 560,000 results

Genome Over 480,000 results

Microsoft HoloLens Over 150,000 results

Opioids Over 745,000 results

Internet of Things Over 485,000 results

Robinhood Markets (online brokerage) Over 70,000 results

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Over 345,000 results

ProPublica Over 250,000 results

Generic Drugs Over 116,000 results

Fan Fiction Over 130,000 results

Richard Branson Over 374,000 results

DJI (drones) Over 75,000 results

Head Start Over 365,000 results

Eminent Domain Over 355,000 results

Child Support Over 480,000 results

As-a-service (Cloud computing) Over 78,000 results

Taipei Over 168,000 results

Tokyo Over 332,000 results

Renegotiate + Contract Over 69,000 results

Shawshank Redemption Over 270,000 results

Kiplinger Over 148,000 results

Cricket Twenty20 Over 290,000 results

Sriracha Over 200,000 results

Truffle Over 156,000 results

Timeshare Over 280,000 results

The Shining Over 400,000 results

Streamline Moderne Over 30,000 results

DACA Over 330,000 results

Augmented Reality Over 420,000 results

Reverse Mortgage Over 220,000 results

Bitcoin Over 505,000 results

Blockchain Over 540,000 results

Gardens by the Bay Over 75,000 results

Wildlife Conservation Over 314,000 results

Minimum Wage Over 160,000 results

Real Estate Holdout Over 25,000 results

Watergate Scandal Over 300,000 results

Food Truck Over 172,000 results

Texas Hold 'em Over 268,000 results

McKinsey & Company Over 152,000 results

Minecraft Over 215,000 results

Gun Control Over 170,000 results

Acadia National Park Over 160,000 results

Data Privacy Over 410,000 results

Thomas Edison Over 396,000 results

Orlando, FL Over 290,000 results

Braselton, GA Over 80,000 results

Freedom of Information Act Over 260,000 results

Renewable Energy Over 157,000 results

Solar Panel Over 167,000 results

TechCrunch Over 108,000 results

Hacker News Over 105,000 results

3D Printing Over 460,000 results

Raiders of the Lost Ark Over 165,000 results

Whistleblower Over 600,000 results

Federal Reserve Over 700,000 results

Rent Control Over 180,000 results

Recipe - Indian Over 95,000 results

Recipe - Tandoori Over 110,000 results

Recipe - BBQ Over 105,000 results

Recipe - Pizza Over 170,000 results

Recipe - The secret is ... Over 84,000 results

Prenuptial Agreement Over 104,000 results Or
Prenup Over 104,000 results

Edge Computing Over 160,000 results

Bed and Breakfast Over 115,000 results

FC Barcelona Over 235,000 results

Daily Kos Over 275,000 results

WeChat Over 265,000 results

The Village Voice Over 170,000 results

Lehman Brothers Over 305,000 results

HGTV Over 320,000 results

Return of the Jedi Over 340,000 results

European Union Over 700,000 results

The Dark Knight Rises Over 225,000 results

College Admissions Scandal Over 260,000 results

Peer-to-peer Over 290,000 results

Cato Institute Over 298,000 results

Fantasy Football Over 140,000 results

DraftKings Over 162,000 results

Actuarial Science Over 110,000 results

Kingpin (Marvel Comics) Over 85,000 results

Abscam Over 7,000 results

Artificial Intelligence Over 630,000 results

Star Wars Over 600,000 results

R2-D2 Over 190,000 results

The Wizard of Oz Over 225,000 results

The Avengers Over 270,000 results

The Michelin Guide Over 75,000 results

Collective Bargaining Over 155,000 results

Off the Grid Over 165,000 results

Fracking Over 177,000 results

Crowdfunding Over 380,000 results

Arthur Andersen Over 70,000 results

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Over 60,000 results

Neural Network Over 310,000 results

Charter School Over 415,000 results

Game Theory Over 390,000 results

Saving Private Ryan Over 135,000 results

Schindler's List Over 127,000 results

Clark Howard Over 78,000 results

Robert Moses Over 50,000 results

Second Life Over 24,000 results

Roblox Over 130,000 results

School Voucher Over 50,000 results

DeepMind Over 120,000 results

Adobe Photoshop Over 200,000 results

Vladimir Putin Over 500,000 results

Donald Trump Over 600,000 results

Spider-man Over 1 million results

David Boies Over 18,000 results

News Aggregator Over 96,000 results

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Over 58,000 results

The Lion King Over 288,000 results

String Theory Over 136,000 results

Steampunk Over 174,000 results

Nation-building Over 156,000 results

Paddleboarding Over 105,000 results

Recipe - Italian Over 110,000 results

Recipe - Cajun Over 115,000 results

Recipe - Vegetarian Over 243,000 results

Tammany Hall Over 25,000 results

Differential Calculus Over 104,000 results

Integral Calculus Over 100,000 results

TikTok Over 163,000 results

Accenture Over 100,000 results

Crochet Pattern Over 155,000 results

Documentary Film Over 36,000 results

Southern Poverty Law Center Over 189,000 results

Flash Crash Over 19,000 results

Linus Torvalds Over 107,000 results

Paul Bucose Over 40,000 results

BlackRock, Inc. Over 80,000 results

WeWork Over 153,000 results

Sudoku Over 87,000 results

Bletchley Park Over 108,000 results

Apocalypse Now Over 140,000 results

Spartacus (film) Over 118,000 results

Its a Wonderful Life Over 140,000 results

The Terminator Over 165,000 results

Slumdog Millionaire Over 145,000 results

Resident Evil Over 190,000 results

The Social Network Over 50,000 results

The Incredibles Over 245,000 results

Ghostbusters Over 278,000 results

Collateralized Debt Obligation Over 23,000 results

Albert Einstein Theoretical physicist, General Theory of Relativity, quantum mechanics, Nobel Prize in Physics, photoelectric effect, advised president Franklin D. Roosevelt on nuclear weapons development, lived in Bern, Switzerland, Berlin, Germany, Princeton, New Jersey, US
Ernest Hemingway Novelist, short story writer, journalist, Nobel Prize in Literature, adventurer, Lost Generation, lived in Key West, Florida, Ketchum, Idaho, Cuba
Alvy Ray Smith Cofounder, Pixar Animation Studios, computer graphics pioneer, computer scientist, New York Institute of Technology, Xerox PARC, SuperPaint, alpha channel, Lucasfilm, Altamira, associated with Edwin Catmull, John Lasseter, Steve Jobs
Marie Curie Physicist, chemist, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, theory of radioactivity
Ginni Rometty Chairwoman, President and CEO of IBM, computer science, electrical engineering, cloud computing, cognitive computing
Nikola Tesla Physicist, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, inventor, contributed to the design of modern alternating current (AC)
Howard Hughes American businessman, aviation innovator, pilot, film producer and director, investor, philanthropist, casino owner, suffered obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD)
Earl Scheib American businessman, auto repainting, collision repair, owned thoroughbred racehorses
Claude Monet Principal founder of French Impressionist painting, landscape painter
Irene Rosenfeld American business executive, CEO, Mondelez International
Michelle Bachelet President of Chile, Socialist Party of Chile, physician
Rupert Murdoch Australian-born businessman, Media mogul, Executive Chairman, News Corp
Nelson Mandela Anti-apartheid revolutionary, President of South Africa, African National Congress (ANC), 1956 Treason Trial, Rivonia Trial, Robben Island, Xhosa, Mvezo, Thembu royal family, University of Fort Hare, University of the Witwatersrand
Arianna Huffington Huffington Post, Thrive Global
Elon Musk Tesla, Inc., SpaceX, Paypal
Jack Ma Alibaba Group Tim Cook Apple, Inc.
Sergey Brin Google, President of Alphabet Inc., Google.org
David Sarnoff Radio Corporation of America (RCA), National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Andrew Grove
Intel Corporation

Carmen Basilio World Champion boxer, Welterweight and Middleweight divisions
Carole King Composer, singer-songwriter, Brill Building, multiple Grammy Award winner,
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame

Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady of the United States, United States Delegate to the United Nations General Assembly
Mark Cuban Broadcast.com, Dallas Mavericks, Shark Tank, AXS TV, MicroSolutions, Fallen Patriot Fund
Berry Gordy Founder, Motown Record Corporation, record producer, songwriter
Don Rickles Comedian, actor
Bonnie Hammer Chairman, NBCUniversal Cable, WGBH-TV, Boston University
Drew Gilpin Faust President of Harvard University, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, historian
Phil Hellmuth Professional poker player, World Series of Poker Main Event winner
Ray Kroc McDonald's, Prince Castle, San Diego Padres
Serena Williams Professional tennis player, multiple Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open championships
Jay Leno Comedian, Tonight Show host, actor, Jay Leno's Garage
Howard Stern Radio and television personality, The Howard Stern Show, Sirius XM Radio
Jim Rome Radio talk show host, The Jim Rome Show, television personality
Jack Kirby Comic book artist, Marvel Comics
Mary Tyler Moore Actress, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show
John Cleese Comedian, actor, writer, Monty Python
Michael Savage Radio talk show host, The Savage Nation, author, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, nutritional ethnomedicine
Ed Sullivan Variety television show host, The Toast of the Town, The Ed Sullivan Show, newspaper columnist
Bobby Bowden College football coach, Florida State University
Ludwig van Beethoven German composer, pianist
Ben Bernanke Economist, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Brookings Institution
Stephen King Fiction author, novelist, horror, science fiction
Andy Warhol Artist, leading pop art figure, The Factory
George Lucas Film director and producer, Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, Star Wars
Steven Spielberg Film director, producer, screenwriter, DreamWorks Studios, Amblin Entertainment
Bill Gross Investment fund manager, Investor, PIMCO, Janus
Alfred Hitchcock Film director, producer
Meg Whitman Business executive, 2010 California gubernatorial candidate, Hewlett Packard Enterprise,
eBay, DreamWorks, Procter & Gamble, Hasbro

Loretta Lynch Attorney General of the United States (2015-2017), United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York (1999-2015)
Mel Brooks Comedian, film director and producer, actor, writer
Jackie Gleason Comedian, actor, writer, composer, The Honeymooners, The Jackie Gleason Show
Christine Lagarde Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
George Soros Investor, business magnate, philanthropist, Quantum Fund, Open Society Foundations
Humphrey Bogart Actor
Lloyd Blankfein Business executive, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs
Hugh Hefner American businessman, magazine publisher, Playboy
Woody Hayes College football coach, Ohio State University
Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher, philologist
Jack Dempsey Boxer, World Heavyweight Champion, restaurateur
Malala Yousafzai Female education activist, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize
Will Eisner Cartoonist, writer, The Spirit
Smokey Robinson Singer, songwriter, Motown
Joe Frazier Boxer, World Heavyweight Champion, 1964 olympic heavyweight gold medalist
Frank Sinatra Singer, actor, The Rat Pack
Michio Kaku Theoretical physicist, author, television personality
Warren Buffett Investor, investment manager, philanthropist, Berkshire Hathaway
Harrison Ford Actor, Star Wars, Indiana Jones
Baji Rao I General of the Maratha Empire, Peshwa to the fifth Maratha Chhatrapati Shahu
Mark Hamill Actor, Star Wars
Ezzard Charles Boxer, World Heavyweight Champion
Jimmy Durante Comedian, singer, actor, vaudeville
Jose Aldo MMA, WEC Featherweight Champion
Lemmy Musician, singer-songwriter, Motörhead
Justin Berfield Actor, writer
Yo-Yo Ma Cellist, Presidential Medal of Freedom
J. J. Abrams Film director, producer
Martin Shkreli Businessman, hedge fund manager
Hayden Christensen Actor, Star Wars
Justin Bieber Singer, songwriter
Oscar Isaac Actor, musician
Steven Avery Convicted murderer
Sylvia Browne Author, claimed psychic
William Gibson Fiction author, cyberpunk
Riyad Mahrez Footballer
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada
Sundar Pichai CEO, Google Inc.
Shah Rukh Khan Actor, producer
Lupita Nyong'o Actress
Alec Guinness Actor
Alicia Vikander Actress
DJ Khaled Record producer
Hugh Glass Frontiersman
Andy Serkis Actor
Chris Hemsworth Actor
Dolly Parton Singer, businesswoman
Domhnall Gleeson Actor
Elizabeth II Queen of England
Garry Hoy Lawyer
Gigi Hadid Fashion model
Jake Lloyd Actor
Jamie Vardy Footballer
John Cena Wrestler
Luke Rockhold Mixed martial artist
Mariah Carey Singer
Max von Sydow Actor
Rian Johnson Film director
Roman Reigns Wrestler
Sarah Paulson Actress
The Weeknd Singer
Tyson Fury Boxer
Ronda Rousey MMA, actress, wrestler
Tina Fey Comedian, actress
Tom Hanks Actor
Sofía Vergara Actress
Tom Cruise Actor
Will Smith Actor
Will Ferrell Comedian, actor
Tupac Shakur Rapper, actor
Zayn Malik Singer, songwriter
Yolanda Hadid Television personality, model
Olivia Jordan Actress, model
Nicolas Cage Actor
Robert Loggia Actor
Rihanna Singer, songwriter
Priyanka Chopra Actress, singer
Salman Khan Actor
Rooney Mara Actress
Michael Fassbender Actor
Margot Robbie Actress
Marilyn Monroe Actress
Michael B. Jordan Actor
Liv Tyler Actress
Marc Lepine Mass murderer
Marco Rubio United States Senator
Kylie Jenner TV personality, model
Lady Gaga Singer, songwriter
Joseph Stalin Soviet dictator
Kendrick Lamar Rapper, songwriter
Kirk Douglas Actor
Keanu Reeves Actor
Henry VIII Henry VIII of England
Kurt Russell Actor
Keira Knightley Actress
Jennifer Aniston Actress
Idris Elba Actor
Jon Jones Mixed martial artist
Gwendoline Christie Actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh Actress
Bennet Omalu Physician, forensic pathologist
David Tennant Actor
Anne Hathaway Actress
Calista Flockhart Actress
Eddie Redmayne Actor
Ed Sheeran Singer
Chris Kyle Navy SEAL
Bill Cosby Comedian, actor
Amy Winehouse Singer
Colin Trevorrow Film director
Guus Hiddink Footballer, manager
Charlie Sheen Actor
Emma Watson Actress
Anthony Joshua Boxer, World Heavyweight Champion
Bruce Lee Actor, Martial artist
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ISIL leader
Bashar al-Assad President of Syria
Angelina Jolie Actress
Elle King Singer
Brad Pitt Actor
Bing Crosby Singer, actor
Amy Poehler Comedian, actress
Bowe Bergdahl US Army soldier
Amy Schumer Comedian, actress
Billie Lourd Actress
Donna Reed Actress
Chung Ling Soo Magician
David Bowie Singer, songwriter
Ariadna Gutierrez Actress, model
Tom Brady NFL football quarterback
Isla Fisher Actress
Troye Sivan Singer
Jihadi John
Princess Diana Princess of Wales
Carl Sagan Astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, author
Simon Pegg Actor, comedian
Alistair Overeem MMA, kickboxer, Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, DREAM Interim Heavyweight Champion, K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
Mark Wahlberg Actor
Lady Colin Campbell Writer
Aaron Hernandez NFL football player
Ryan Reynolds Actor
Cate Blanchett Actress
Shivaji Indian warrior king, Bhonsle Maratha clan
Linda Ronstadt Singer
Damian Lewis Actor
John McCain United States Senator, 2008 republican nominee for President of the United States
Ashoka Indian emperor, Maurya Dynasty
Shawn Mendes Singer
Ryan Gosling Actor
Emilia Clarke Actress
Jack Kemp US congressman, NFL quarterback
Charlize Theron Actress
Frederic Chopin Composer
Jesse Eisenberg Actor
Pythagoras Greek philosopher
Charlotte Flair Professional wrestler, actress
Adam Smith Economist
Richard Pryor Comedian, actor
Bradley Cooper Actor
Adam Sandler Comedian, actor
Rudolph Valentino Actor
Jason Sudeikis Comedian, actor
Akihito Emperor of Japan
Holland Taylor Actress
Angus Young Guitarist, songwriter, AC/DC
Urijah Faber Mixed martial artist
Mellody Hobson Businesswoman
Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister of Russia
Marlon Brando Actor
Felicity Jones Actress
Enya Singer, songwriter
Little Richard Musician, singer, songwriter
Zoe Kravitz Actress
Chadwick Boseman Actor
Macklemore Rapper
Nikolai Vavilov Botanist, geneticist
Patrick Stewart Actor
Candice Swanepoel Model
Shamsher Bahadur Maratha ruler
Shaquille O'Neal Basketball player
Burt Reynolds Actor
Ben Affleck Actor
C. S. Lewis British novelist, academic
Melissa Mathison Film and television screenwriter
Lili Elbe Danish transgender woman, painter
Jeb Bush American politician and businessman
Mila Kunis Actress
T.I. Rapper
Cam Newton NFL football quarterback
Matt Damon Actor
Frankie Edgar Mixed martial artist
Dr. Dre Rapper
Liam Neeson Actor
Channing Tatum Actor
Robin Williams Comedian, actor
Kristen Stewart Actress
Jonah Lomu Rugby player
Danny DeVito Actor
Deepika Padukone Actress
Christian Bale Actor
Dwight D. Eisenhower President of the United States, World War II Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe
Kirsten Dunst Actor
Robert De Niro Actor
Peyton Manning NFL football quarterback
Louis Armstrong Musician, composer, singer
Jessica Chastain Actress
James Franco Actor
Gwen Stefani Singer, songwriter, model
Edward Snowden Former United States government contractor, classified information leaker
Freddie Mercury Singer, songwriter
Patrick Dempsey Actor
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Actor
George Clooney Actor
Gal Gadot Actress
George H. W. Bush President of the United States, Director of Central Intelligence
Halle Berry Actress
George Harrison Musician, songwriter, the Beatles
Hafthor Julius Bjornsson Strongman, basketball player
Holly Holm Mixed martial artist
Frank Abagnale Confidence man, security consultant
Brigitte Nielsen Actress
Alicia Silverstone Actress
Edgar Wright Director
Vivien Leigh Actress
Franz Schubert Composer
Oliver Hudson Actor
Kalpana Chawla Astronaut
Larry King Talk show host
Mara Wilson Actress, writer
Andrea Jeremiah Actress
John Abraham Actor
Josh Duggar Reality television figure
Bugsy Siegel American gangster
Emraan Hashmi Actor
Susannah Mushatt Jones Supercentenarian
Jessie Usher Actor
Rose McGowan Actress
Craig Ferguson Comedian, actor
Jaco Pastorius Bassist
Judith Barsi Child actress
Justinian I Eastern Roman emperor, Later Roman empire


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